Inductive Determination

Inductive Determination 

At Pudsey Test & Inspection Ltd we can offer our experience and expertise in inductive determination for customers throughout the UK.

Eddy Current Testing

Our team provide experts in the eddy-current testing of non-ferrous tubular products.
Eddy-current bore inspection of tube bores from 8 mm upwards is available, providing one of the most sensitive methods for the high-integrity examination of tube bores for critical applications.
Eddy current testing
Expert inductive determination testing by Pudsey Test & Inspection, call today for more information on

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Magneto Inductive and %Fe determination

Magneto Inductive and %Fe determination

Magneto-inductive testing is used to determine material properties of the following grades of material stock or components:
• Ferro-magnetic eddy current
• Austenitic-ferritic (duplex)
• Austenitic-ferritic (super-duplex)
Material characteristics such as percentage ferrite, alloy composition, or heat treatment are determined by magnetizing the material.
A test coil is used which consists of an exciter winding and a receiver winding.
The Foerster Magnatest D comparator instrument is used.
Bar-stock up to 190 mm in diameter can be tested.
For bar-stock up to 80 mm diameter, a magnetic comparator test can be carried out simultaneously with ultrasonic immersion testing on the Tac Tic 76EX test machine.
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